Top 10 Best Dividend Companies

Dividends are king, when it comes to investing. Not only your share will appreciates over time, but you’ll get free passive income straight into your pocket every quarter or every year.

Here are the Top 10 Dividend Stocks that most investors keep an eye on.

NumberCompanySymbolP/EYieldFree Cash Flow Yield3 Yr Growth
1Frontier Communications Corp CFTR--21.38100.3924.13
2Tix CorpTIXC5.420.3736.32-1.22
3Live Microsystems IncLMSC--19.61---47.75
4Arlington Asset Investment CorAI17.3919.1627.230.77
5NuStar GP Holdings LLCNSH5.8218.639.51--
6CPI Card Group IncPMTS--17.11-21.72-0.79
7Digirad CorpDRAD--15.3612.9628.63
8Macquarie Infrastructure CorpMIC7.414.645.8510.39
9Consolidated Communications HoCNSL10.8413.363.5118.56
10Windstream Holdings IncWIN--13.1413.190.13

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3 Reason to invest in dividend shares.

  1. Put Money into your pocket every day

Having capital appreciation is nice, but it’s elusive you know the money is there but you can’t touch it. That’s why more experience investors like to have their share in the company pays them well every quarter or year.

  1. Keep to golden goose and sell the egg.

When you invest in dividend shares, you’re buying more goose to lay more egg for you over time. Some goose lays silver egg, some gold and few diamond eggs. We love those which lays the best eggs but it’s hard to find.

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  1. Richest Man ever John D. Rockefeller got rich with dividend.

I wish my parents told me about this when I was younger, cut the noises invest in best performing dividend stocks, and build your kingdom on passive cashflow.

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More Best Performing Dividend by Sectors

Consumer Goods

 CompanySymbolP/EYieldFree Cash Flow Yield3 Yr Rev Growth %
1VF CorpVFC45.142.183.87-0.2
2Crown Crafts IncCRWS17.795.2911.26-6.72
3Hanesbrands IncHBI109.883.218.456.72
4American Eagle Outfitters IncAEO18.752.425.954.96
5Gap IncGPS14.213.075.48-1.19
6DSW IncDSW27.163.777.53.9
7Tailored Brands IncTLRD15.922.3216.720.53
8Buckle IncBKE12.74.269.22-7.48
9L Brands IncLB10.316.817.113.32
10Stage Stores IncSSI--6.7842.56-0.95


 CompanySymbolP/EYieldFree Cash Flow Yield3 Yr Rev Growth %
1Western Capital Resources IncWCRS28.332.946.0155.96
2Cisco Systems IncCSCO--2.686.360.61
3Motorola Solutions IncMSI--
4Network-1 Technologies IncNTIP17.193.648.6210.15
5PCTEL IncPCTI29.793.014.82-5.15
6Juniper Networks IncJNPR30.781.9512.92.8
7Wireless Xcessories Group IncWIRX--5.43--13.71
8Tessco Technologies IncTESS47.974.51-5.15-1.62
9Adtran IncADTN29.592.48-8.221.92
10RELM Wireless CorpRWC--2.13-5.68.35