Are your tried of jumping from one forex brokers to the other or are you a new trader who’re just looking to trade in the forex market, and you’re looking f a good fx broker. For more that 10 years we’ve opened trading accounts with almost every broker out there, and some are pretty good and some are pretty bad.

This article is design to help forex traders find the best forex brokers in the world, Here’s our ranking.

Top Rated Forex Signals

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fx advisor
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12 The Binary Profit Signal

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11 Renko Pro Charts
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Forex Brokers can be hard to find if you’re just starting to trade. There are literary hundreds and even thousands of Forex Brokers out there. If you’re looking for US Forex Brokers you might wat to look at this alternate ranking.
Anyway we’ve compounded a forex broker list. All these forex brokers are legit and trusted, and we have tones of members tradeing with them before. However the below top 10 forex broker are compiled by our team of veteran forex brokers who’ve decades of trading experience. After switching around with so many forex brokers, here’re a few that we think it’s the best forex brokers
What You’ll Gain in this Article
Best Rated 10 Forex Brokers
Why the top 2 is our top 2
What to look for in a Forex Broker?
Which fx broker should a veteran/ long term trader sign up with? and why?
Which fx broker should a first time trader sign up with?
Why we’re very direct and gives you the information you need?
Best 10 Forex Brokers 2017
Min Deposit
Maximum Leverage
Current Bonuses
Trading Tools
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Which Forex Brokers to Choose from this list
You might think most Forex brokers up there are really famous and really legit fx brokers, and the answer is yes they are. However most people don’t need to open 10 trading account in order to trade. Most people have like 2 trading account and at most 5.
To start of our discussion let’s start with
I have experience with forex trading but which forex broker should I be signing up with?
Our Answer – Pepperstone
Based on our team’s years of trading forex, we have experienced with a decent number of forex traders,, and most of use come back and stuck with pepperstone.
Here’s few our our reason.
Reason -#1 Easy to Withdraw money
When you trade for a living, widthdrawing money consistently is a necessity not luxury. Using pepperstone, it’s as easy as just keying in the amount that I want, and clicking widthdraw. My money usually arrive inside my debit card within 24hrs, which is fantastic. Life is much easier when you can keep the money you earn and withdraw the money you need any time you want.
Fee here’s how the simple few withdrawal dashboard looks like
Reason -#2 No 3rd party withdrawal fee.
Some forex brokers uses, 3rd party payment system like, paypal, skrill, payoneer, and so on to pay thier traders. The reason you should be avoiding this, it’s because they’re usually slower, harder to widthdraw and charge a hefty fee everytime you want to widthdraw money. that’s a painful experience when some broker of mine charges up to $5 per transaction. For an intellegent investor we all know that $5 can be easily traded to $100.
Reason -#3 Super Low Trading Fee
You can forget about 100% cash back or any marketing campaign that a broker offer to you. As an experience trader well all know that forex brokers make money from us very time we open a deal, and some spread can be really huge, and you’ll have a big uphill mountain to climb before you can make some profits.
If you know about fee, here’s some figure that make you want to switch to pepperstone immediately.
Point #1: ECN Commission =: Only AUD 3.5 per 100k traded, . (Which is insane)
Point#2: Average Euro/USD spread from 0.0 to 0.8 pips
Here’s what a great ECN account looks like
Reason #4 – Really Suitable for EA/Algorithm Trading
Whether your trading strategy is scalping, martingale, breakout or whatever. We have very goo experience trading EA with this broker. As you know the spread is ridiculously low, probably the lowest in the market. which makes scalping really easy.
We can have multiple EAs, and money management setup and start running in no time, the reason is because we can open a razor account so qucikly. Therefore saving us precious time, and also the leverage can be changed some quickly. The live support is super fast.
Reason #4.1 -In Dashboard Live Chat.
One good thing to have this feature, is that opening support ticket is really troublesome. From my experience, the live is pretty qucik, and If you have any question about C Trader, Meta Trader, they’re always whcih to point out.
any way let’s get back to EA trading.
Reason #5 – Really fast quotation
If you’re an experience trader, you know that not all brokers are created equal and some broker’s trading price could be really bad. The reason why we have several EA running on pepperstone razor it’s because of it’s equinix server.
What better place to place you trading robot, and you account that right next to the market? That’s why our trading robot always have a great time scalping.
If you want to learn about automated trading, you can visit this page about Best Forex Signals  it’s probably one of the best research we’ve found out there.
All these it’s kinda deep what about us the beginner trader?

For Beginner Trader we recommend (Iforex Logo)
To start of our discussing with this topic, I would assume that most people here that are looking to sign up for a forex brokers are new. And in our opinion I Forex is probably the best forex broker for you if you’re absolutely new.
The reason is very simple, most forex brokers in this list are for expert traders who already know what to do, and when to do what. For example they know what euro/usd means and when to buy/ sell whenthey think the US is getting stronger. For a newbie forex trade likeI was roughly more than 10 years ago we would have no idea hwat’s going on and what to trade during what even.
They assign you with Personal Account Manager
I would strongly suggest I forex to anyone who just started out. The reason is because there’ll be someone to hold you by the have and teach you how to make your first $100 from the forex market and which pitfall to avaoid from the forex market. Generally if you show a lot of dedication like I do in the beginning they’ll be more movivated to help you make you first $1k and so on. In my case, my personal experience. My account manager, (Let’s call her Miss M) will ask me my personal goal and lay out a sustainable plan of action for me to follow until I hit the goal In 3 month (when I first started) I hit my $1k per month with very little deposit of $100
They’ll tell you when to trade what
The reason I’m able to make 10X ROI every month, it’s bacuse of the experience and the pointer they gave me which is very valuable for example, how to trade the “crude oil” on wednesday. And depends on your account size you can make a decent weekly gain. Also how to master 1 currency, In my case at that time USD/JPY, and make money during the Japanese session and also the US Market session, every morning and every night.
Forex Indicator
For beginner forex traders, having a taylor made forex signals is very valuable. If you’re not using the scalping strategy but going for day trading. A good idea of where the market is going is definitely going to help you (or me) win the trade. Unless you have a really bad implementation.
Here’s a picture of what it looks like.
(Inside Anaylsis of Iforex pretty accurate and good)
They usually include the analysis on only on charts and technicallity but also major events like US election, Brexit, or Queens birthday.
After reading this I hope that you get an overview idea of which Forex brokers to go for and why. Also you’ll know that this article is very precise and direct on what you should do and what you shouldn’t do. We intent to end your search, and jump from broker to broker. We understand the pain of leaving your money with some bad brokers and waste precious trading time. If you want to have a peace of mind, you might want to follow our recommendation.
Also the above list are really great brokers, going with any of them are not a bad idea. But if you’re a newbie you might want to go with I forex and If you have some trading experience and have to choose only 1 broker. I would go for pepperstone as they have everything I need.
If you want to venture out into the wild and find a broker to you own liking, here’s few pointers we can help you with
How to Choose the Best Forex Brokers.
Are the Legit and Trusted?
You might want to look for the broker’s license, are the verified by any security exchange commission, or are they just some website that say they’re goingin to give you tones of bonus and just ran a way with your money. A good indicator is they’re usually verified by Cysec
What are the FEE per trade.
Signing up for a Forex Brokers doesn’t require much. But when you trade, they’ll make up to $0.50 for even the smallest position you open. That’s practically not good. when you wasted so many pips on and go on a up hill battle for every trade you make. We love it when we see our position open with -$0.01 and profit after few seconds
Withdrawal fee
Like We mention earlier, it’s not worth to have some tech kid somewhere make $2 or $5 every time youmake money and trying to widthdraw it. Some time with count by percentage which is even worse. I personally use to have some experience when I withdraw around $120, 000 and some 3rd party company (not to mention names) get a one figure percentage of it. Seeing my profit goes away that way really stresses me out. And propel me to change broker.
Choose your Forex Broker wisely, we would suggest you have a look at few of the brokers above. Also bare in my those few key points when you look for a forex broker. If you just started trading Forex you wan to
Our recommendation
Beginner –
Beyond Beginner – Pepperstone
Hope this helps, happy trading and peace out. 🙂