As a Forex Trader, you’re probably bombarded with too many brokers in the Market. Some feels pretty good brokers with bunch of really great offers. However having traded over 12 years, We’re here to put out a list of brokers you should care about, and why.

#1 Pepperstone Razor - Best For Long Term Super Low Trading Fee

  • Super Low Trading fees – Beneficial in the long term
  • Spread for 0.0 pips
  • Equinix Servers (Low Latency)



People Who’ve Switched

America: 782

Europe: 1320

Asia: 347

Africa: 102

Oceania:: 367

#2 IForex - Best Account Manager Support

  • Most Beginner Friendly – Account Manager will check on you and make sure you make some money.
  • Closely knitted community. – Forex Signals and Prediction available.
  • Simple to use trading platform.
  • One of the oldest forex brokers out there.

People Who’ve Switched

America: 521

Europe: 778

Asia: 126

Africa: 12

Oceania:: 243

#3 Most Famous Broker

  • Spread as low as 0
  • $30 Open Account Trading Bonus
  • One of the Most Popular Brokerage firm the the world.
  • Suitable for Running EA
  • Low First Deposit.

People Who’ve Switched

America: 682

Europe: 1711

Asia: 241

Africa: 14

Oceania:: 272

Why we write this blog post?

Choosing a Forex Broker is like choosing a business partner for the long term, when I started out trading I didn’t know any better and Deposited Money into Robo Forex

As a result, I earn tones of money being very focus on trading, but Robo decided in all their possible power not to let me withdraw my money.

They say that I need this and that bank statement to widthdraw the money, to prove that I am me and stuffs like that.

I remember rushing back and forth to the bank ask ask for those statements like an Idoit. and the bankers told me they’ve already gave me all the documents that I need.

Long story short I still didn’t widthdraw my money, and still bitter about it.

Finding the right broker.

After giving up, I started looking for other brokers to trade with, and test few other brokers. Lucky my next broker I landed on is a game winner, Pepperstone. They don’t have any Marketing gimmick like, get $100 bonus or 100% bonus.

Just plain and simple, trade for a low fee and widthdraw your money anytime you want. (Back to the card that you deposited with) As simple as that.

Lowest Trading Fee

Trading Fees is one of the most over looked information of a Brokers. As a proffesional Trader you want to keep it as low as possible so that you can keep your margin as high as possible.

Especially if you’re running scalper, trading on high frequency.

Spread as Low as 0

The XM and Pepperstone is most people’s favourite brokers to run algorithm trading as it has spread as low as 0. Pepperstone also have Co location in Equinix datacenter, which makes our trading more reliable.

Newbie Friendly

Let’s admit it, everyone must start somewhere and If you’re a newbie like everyone who got started it’s best if you have someone that hold you accountable. For that we highly suggest IForex as their dedicated account manager will call you up and make sure you make the right trade at the right time.

Making my first $121.21 in 3 min – Non-farm Payroll Nostalgia: Philip Wong Story

I remember starting out not knowing anything at all, shamefully not even knowing why currencies are in pairs and stuffs.

Suddenly my phone rang it was my account manager Michelle telling me that Non-farm payroll is up. After trying her best to explain how to place a deal. I finally setup my position in the EUR/USD. She taught me where to place my take profit and I just place it.

After 10 minutes I was looking at my positions and WALA, my 2 positions took profit earning me a cool $121.21 that day.

It changed my life considering that I can be a part time trader and make that kind of money every now and then. Today I make around 3-4 k every week, but I still never forget the day I out earn my 9-5 wages.

Auto Trading friendly

For those folks who’re more high tech and want their computers to work for them instead of waking up every day at 6 a.m. to trade. You might want to consider Pepperstone, as they have super low trading free with their Razor account and the Latency to the Market is one of the lowest in the industry,

No wonder even my good friend’s 250 M hedge fund uses them. In this post I’m not going to cover how to setup a consistently profitable Auto Trading “Cash Cow” as it’ll make it’s post unnecessarily longer than it should.

If you want to learn more you can join our mastermind (If it’s still open) or read about it on our Forex Scalper page.

Hope this post can help few people out, If 1 or 2 more people every day can avoid being scammed by a not legit broker I’ll be happy 😊

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