Top 5 Forex Trading Course I personally Use

Top 5 Forex Trading Course that I personally Use.

There’re definitely tones of Infoprenuers selling Forex Trading courses, and many in the market are a really ripped of beginners. (As I myself as once experienced it before)

So cut the chase I’ve personally purchased tones from them and If these few to be the real useful one. We’re looking for.

Here’re the top 5 courses that change my trading game.

No. 1 Forex Trading Pro

forex mentor pro review
forex mentor pro review

Basically this is in my top one because personally it’s the best Forex tutorial that I’ve ever meet. Not only the quality of the content was good, but the complex mathematical details are well explained too .It’s easily understandable an well packaged currency trading tutorial.

I’m Glad I came across this course early on my trading career and it’s more than enough for me to trade without making stupid mistakes and lose tones of money.

If you feel like your trading skills are inadequate or need some brush up get Fore Trading Pro, and one of the benefit is its risk free just try it for $1. That’s what I did and it’s worth it.

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No.2 FX rogue

FX Rogue Review
FX Rogue Review

Honestly speaking this is one hell of an interesting course, teaching out of the box technique which I can’t explain here due to copy right. If you’re thinking your trading earnings have reached the peak and not wanting to throw more money down to get more. This is the course for you, I have people from my local trading community talking about this course and how they bought a Ferrari after a month.

Quite surprising eh… well all I can say is I got it, understand it but never really use them. Ahaha… procrastination maybe after writing this post I’m going to apply the “FX rogue technique” and test my trading skills.

Risk? Well for your information FX Rogue have a 60 days guarantee money back discount and I still have no intention of getting my money back it worth much more.

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No. 3 Forex Daily Trading

Forex Daily Trading Course review
Forex Daily Trading Course review

This is one of those smooth Forex course where everything is just nicely lay out. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like complexity this is one of the things you can get for yourself. It’s like a nice lecture class where there’s no hurry. I recommend them for most of my friends and they now make a few thousand bucks trading every month.

This course is very beginner friendly and it doesn’t cost a bomb definitely good investment for our forex trading skills.

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Jimmy what about the beginner?

Oh almost forgot, we’ll all the above courses are beginner friendly but if you want something real beginner check this 2 stuff out.

No. 4 Forex Trading For Newbies.

forex trading for newbies review
forex trading for newbies review

It’s a complete step by step newbie system. I havea confession to make, I actually found got one of these after 3 years into Forex Trading. Although I don’t really need them but sometimes it’s good to refresh my brain with the basics and not make funney mistakes.

The reason I recommend this to beginner out of all the courses it’s because I think it’s really great stuff for beginners. And for those who don’t want pile of trading stuff coming all at one shot.

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No 5. Meta Trader 4 guide (the one you do not want to miss)

meta trader 4 guide review
meta trader 4 guide review

Well and if you’re reading this and you’rean absolute beginner, you’ll have to understand meta trader 4. One of the ways you can do it is slowly read them in my blog (category) or I recommend this Meta Trader 4 (Link) for fast learning and turning profits in just matter of mins.

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So the conclusion,

My real honest opinions are, after trying out all those stuff, get as many courses as you can the top 5 are the really good one I chose.

But, If you want to cut back on your budget, I urge you to at least get Forex Trading Pro and Meta Trader 4 guide. Doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or professional they’re still helpful.

Get Forex Mentor Pro and Meta Trader 4 Guide

Final Word,

Please leave me some comments I’ll be glad to hear from you. And you can report any courses that you run into trouble with right here so that I can have a look at them and remove them and urge other people about it.