Forex Brokers Write Format

Dear: Forex Brokers Providers

Please write to us in this particular format so that our editors can feature your article FASTER. Please write as detail as you possibly can, the goal of our blog is to help reader better understand your products

Also don’t forget to send us your affiliate sign up form so that we can feature you on our mailing list.


Title: Company Name (e.g. XYZ Trade)

Short Description: Tell us about your Forex broker

Fee: How much are you charging per lot size?

Withdrawal fee: How much are you charging for withdrawal (If you use any 3rd party company like skrill, paypal or payoneer please specify).

Withdrawal period: How long does it take for money to reach customer’s bank account.

Spread Fee: Tell us about your spead fee/ trading fee

Platform offer: What platform do you offer MT4? MT5? CTrader? please specify

Leverage Offer: Leverage Up to?

Bonuses Offer: Cash Back? Free VPS? Deposit bonus? Time for your to attract people to sign up.

Other Unique Selling point: Write whatever you want to attarct people to sign up, well most likely put this part on the first paragraph.

Your Affiliate Sign Up Page URL (if any)

Thank You