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Options Trading: A CherryTree Style Trading Book

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“The Stock Market Is A Device For Transfering Money From The Impatient To The Patient” – Warren Buffett Dear Reader: Options Trading allows traders to gain better control over risks and rewards, if used properly. However, lots of options trading beginners loss money by making the similar mistakes: Start with OTM Options instead of Covered Call options, Not having a exit plan … Lots of Options Trading Book are not clear or easy to mislead the reader. This CherryTree Style Options Trading book aims at helping readers start options trading the right way. With extensive experience in trading, Samuel Lee has summarised lots of strategies and tips for all the options traders. With this book, ANYONE can start with their Forex journey right away. Why is this book a must read? 1. We do CherryTree Style, CherryTree Style means: clear, organized, straight to the point without unnecessary repetition. We have found out the cherrytree style helps reader to learn a new subject most efficiently. 2. This book contains all the detailed Options Trading basics to get you started as well as my advanced strategies and tips. 3. We offer a 7-day money back guarantee policy with no question asked. SCROLL DOWN and BUY THE “OPTIONS TRADING” BOOK NOW!