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Fintech: Financial Technology Beginner Guide CherryTree Style

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FinTech, or financial technology, a financial technology service industry, is defined as “innovation in financial services” by National Digital Research Centre. With $138 billion market opportunity in the United States, FinTech has become a hot topic for entrepreneurs, visionaries and investors. However, with it’s rapid growth, little in-depth information can be found regarding to FinTech, especially the relationship between FinTech and wealth management. That’s why i decided to publish this book.To read this book, we require no prior knowledge in FinTech, stories and examples are given AFTER READING THIS BOOK, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO UNDERSTAND AND EVEN TEACH OTHER PEOPLE ABOUT: 1. The Basics of FinTech 2. The Impact of FinTech in different sectors 3. Financial Technology Latest Trends 4. Leading FinTech Companies and Investors 5. Case Study: Blockchain and Bitcoin You have already missed the opportunity of Amazon and E-commerce. Don’t miss out this new FinTech opportunity.