How to be a Young Millionaire

Confession of a

22 yr old,

7 figure Forex traders


Don’t mean to show off butmy 3rd car is Merc , Bugatti You’re next !

3 Steps to become a millionaire – My Story (summary)

Step 1: Decide that you’re going to make more than $2740 per day,

Why $2740? Because $2740 x 365 Days will make you more than 1, 000, 000 per year.

Step 2: Learn how to make $2740 per day

I’ve tried everything from Multi-level marketing, internet marketing, to Real estate, noting works for me, I can’t convince any one to join as my down line in MLM, I have no coding skills and fail miserably, and real estate agent thinks I’m a joke for looking too much like a kid. There’s only one thing left for me to do Trade Forex I need none of those talent.

Step 3: Automate your money machine

I have to admit that after trading 5 years It was rough for me, I can’t sleep at night not wanting the pips to drop and constantly can’t believe in my own ability although I made around 5 to 6 figures consistently.

Learn From Failure

After Failing so many time, wasting money trying to get friends to join my MLM or what so every I realise you can’t really scale all of these stuffs.

The sales people who’re lying in yourface telling you that joining their sales job or what so ever can make me a millionaire and all those mambo jumbo, having work so hard making only around $50 – $100 per day talking whole day I know at best this technique is going to make me around $3000 per month.

Success Leaves Clue

So I started to look into what all the rich people have? what do they do? Well most of them don’t have rich parents unlike popular beliefs. And most of them don’t run around all day trying to sell you some MLM, or some TV. I asked myself what do they do actually, then I remember a legendary man “The man who broke the london bank” AKA George Soros, he made a whooping 1 billion a day doing what? Trading… A Million… Ten Million… A Hundred Million… A BILLION! In a DAy?

That’s insane this dude have more money than I can ever spend, in 10 of my life time and he only made it in a day?

The what if moments

What if I can be like him? Then I started thinking about all those billionaire and more of them are in the financial market, like the famous warren buffet. What If I can be only 0.1 percent of them what would be great the last time I check qarren buffet worth a whooping 60 billion dollar, 0.1% of that if about 60 million dollar! That’s Insane, it’ll put me into the league of ultra high net worth individuals.

Long Story Short – Look for Great Advisor

When it comes to advice, everyone wants to put theirs into your face, they might be sincere about it. But most of the time they can be sincerely wrong. And some people out there like to prey on young people like you and I ( If you’re not really young, I believe reading this makes you young at heart.) Anyway about those people who preys on us telling us all those stuff oh join our program, sell this and that, then you’ll be a millionaire before you know it.

Maybe they did, maybe they don’t. But I found my own path – TRADING. I believe it’ll make me a billionaire someday like those big shots. Why it’s because I’m already a millionaire now. (currently making 2.4 million a year when I’m contributing this article.)

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Slowly but surely after 18 months I’ve compounded my cash flow into 2700 per day, with enough money in my balance I was able to open big enough lot size for me to easily make $400 – 500 per trade.

If you ask me to teach you how to trade, I’ll pass because I’m not a very good teacher. But you can always goes to the guy who taught me.

Here’s all my tools of the trade.

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