Best Forex Broker 2014

XM Forex Broker Review – Best Forex Broker of 2014

Best Forex Broker 2014 -
Best Forex Broker 2014 –

As a currency trader for many years, I’ve been with plenty of Forex broker done a lot of research in finding the best tools and brokers to trade with. 2014 Best Broker will be solely based on the performance of 2013, and my personal experience trading with the broker.


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Safe Banking – Barclays Bank Plc.

Privacy Guarded by – Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology

Number of traders open account since 1 Jan 2013: 30,192,642

Minimum Fund Required to Start – $ 5 (Mininum or No Risk)

Registered With – Financial Conduct Authority (UK), (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht), Germany, (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores), Spain, (Autoriteit Financiële Markten), Netherlands, (Finansinspektionen), Sweden, (Finanssivalvonta Finansinspektionen), Finland, (Pénzügyi Szervezetek Állami Felügyelete), Hungary, (Commissione Nazionale per la Società e la Borsa), Italy, (Autorité de Contró Prudentiel), France, (Komisja Nadzoru Finansowego), Poland.

Reasons Why I Choose XM as the Best Forex Broker For 2014

Bear in mind the result of 2014 is based on the most recent performance of forex brokers in 2013, And the opinion is solely based on all the experience I and other Top Traders have after searching frantically over the past year and staying with all the brokers.

So here’re the 6 Reason I choose to trade with XM.

1.    Safe and Secure.

XM is secured by SSL
XM is secured by SSL

This is must be the number one reason Traders sticks to which choosing a trader. You do not what to have the benefit that sounds too good, them appears to be a scam or worse hack your bank account. The Transaction Instrument that XM use is one of the most famous company “Secure Socket Layer” which prevents identity theft, or end up with a scam company. This broker is also registered with tones of government authority who prevent traders to end up in scam. (Trust me it’s a bad feeling when you find out that even your deposit is never coming back)

2.    No Risk Trading

The top forx broker shouldn't have risk trading
The top forex broker shouldn’t have risk trading

If you’re weary of putting you money anywhere which you should, Starting with a low deposit is necessary as you won’t lose anything beyond lunch money. Therefore I advise any trader to start their account with only $5, (for beginner) and It’s also applicable for “hard core” Traders to start with $5 and be involved in high volume trading.

3.    Variety of currency pair (Mathematical way to avoid wrong decision)

A broker should know more variety of currency pair allows them more choices in choosing their table to involve with, also better trade option to choose mathematically. One of my favorite reasons for choosing XM as my broker is that they offer more than 60 currency pairs. This means if I compare all of them at once. That means every time I trade if I make those comparison I’ll have 98.33% of winning for every trade.

Besides that XM is also one of the brokers that offer tones of trading instruments and trading platform, like MT4, Web Trader 4, and ETC.


Top of the line trading platform and mobile trading platform
Range of trading platform and mobile trading platform

4.    Efficiency Customer Support

This is one of the criteria that brokers must have, and through my own experience, It’s the best that I have, as you can discover from the my articles grammar error, that I’m not primarily an English speaker and thanks to Multi-Lingual support by XM Forex Broker. I am able to use their service efficiently with Live Chat, E-mail and sometimes call them when I’m desperate J

5.    Customer Driven

People ask me why customer driven what does it mean? Well I think that XM has force me to put them No. 1 this year because of the things they do for FX Traders. They offer Trading Signals, Welcome bonus 50% and also several Loyalty bonuses that most brokers don’t bother about.

6.   Effort Less and Beneficial Transaction.

Hassle Free Transaction for Traders
Hassle Free Transaction for Traders

This is one of the factors plenty of traders over look, and get stabbed in the back while transferring money out from the account. That when I urge people to stick to XM because I’ve first-hand experiences the system’s efficiency and no upper limit deposits.




7.    Socially approved

I have to admit the reason that I found this broker is through one of my distant learning mentor, and finally my search for better broker is over. And I’m still convinced by my decision today. Because there’re over 30 million people who’ve opened account with them too.

Best Forex Trading Companies
Over 30 million people sign up in a year !

Final Word

Well, everything you heard about XM Forex broker might sound bias, but I all come to my own personal experience and doing research with my own money. Partly, I wanted to find an awesome broker of stick with and I rank XM my Top 1. Plus my friend asks me to provide an honest review on the brokers. (From a trader)

Don’t just take my word for it goes to the page and check it out for yourself.

Go to XM Official Page >>

If you’re still not convinced, I’ll be cool with it; you can get a demo account first.

Get the Demo Account >>


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If you’re really convince by my writing (Thank You) you can OPEN TRADING ACCOUNT with them, and be satisfied trading with The Top Forex Broker 2014.