Top 3 Forex Brokers 2014

Top 3 Forex Trading Companies

There’re countless Forex Brokers companies that handles Forex Trading. However going with a reputable one is a great way to avoid scams and other problems in the future. Here’s a list of my top 3 Forex Brokers.

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My Simple word of advice to you, don’t just go with any broker!

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Top 3 Best Forex Broker 2014


1. Sure Trader

Well this company ended up as my top 1 Forex Trading broker for plenty of very good reasons. After 5 years of trading this is the professional broker you want to stick to. Not only it has 888:1 Leverage, $0 on deposit and withdrawal. There’re many other Factors too why I choose as my broker and stick with it until today.

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You might be wondering why not follow the big shot brokers like or FXCM? There’re all good companies, but sometime when you’re dealing with a hundreds and thousands in trading, Extra Safe condition, and some Leveraging benefits with no percentage charges can benefit you plenty in the long term.

Don’t just believe what I claim. Find it out yourself.

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2. Review

E-Toro Forex trading is not your conventional trading platform; it’s actually a surprising innovation that blew my mind. Keep it short there’s no hassle trading with E- Toro not only because of the service but the extra mile they provide. (Go to its official page to find out.) About how they can connect the world together and show you what the best traders are doing. And there’re more than 99,737,881 who’re in the community.

Copy Cat Trading in E-Toro

Especially for newbie and when you’re unsure about what or when to buy/sell, E- toro provides you with a nice live stream of the best decision you can make. This is copying from the best traders. I personally recommend this to beginner traders who doesn’t have more than 6 month of trading to play safe with this platform.

Check out E-Toro for yourself.

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3. Review

Sunbird is not a very famous brand on the internet but it’s definitely famous among professional traders, I came to know of it through one of My Mentor in trading and she recommends me to this company. Now all I do is diversify my investment. And I also enjoy trading gold with sunbird.

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Final Word

Well these 3 are the top 3 Forex Brokers that you should stay with and if you don’t intend to stay with all of them just like me, just sign yourself up with and you’ll have everything you’ll ever needed.

Some people ask me why only the top 3 and not more. Well, just a friendly advice, there’re plenty out there who promise you all kind of stuff just to get you to trade with them. And from my experience I’ve had tones of scam over the 5 years, and these are the best 3 Forex brokers that I’m staying with.

I hope this article finds you well, if there’s any problem you have with my top 3 pick of Forex brokers you can tell me, you’ll never know when their customer service deteriorate. Just leave a comment and warn me so I can warn others, and add on to my research.