Best Forex Brokers

Are your tried of jumping from one forex brokers to the other or are you a new trader who’re just looking to trade in the forex market, and you’re looking f a good fx broker. For more that 10 years we’ve opened trading accounts with almost every broker out there, and some are pretty good and some are pretty bad.

This article is design to help forex traders find the best forex brokers in the world, Here’s our ranking.


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How to Choose a FX Broker

Why we choose Iforex and Pepperstone as the top 2 of our forex trading brokers. Well the reason is very simple we have done plenty of trading of different fx brokers and fell in love with those 2.

For Advance Trader – Just use Pepperstone why it’s our #1

Our #1 recommendation is Pepperstone, If you already know what you’re doing and just want to trade with easy pepperstone is the right broker to go with.

Easy to withdraw money.

From our experience plenty of broker out these uses 3rd party, payment software like payoneer, skrill and etc. An they charges fee (around 2%) every time you want to withdraw money out. Which kinda anonymous me having my earnings taxed every time I withdraw money. With Pepperstone there’re no fee, and it just take a click of a button to withdraw back to the card you deposit in.

Also the money takes less than 24 hrs to arrive, feels damn good every time it happens

Suitable for robot trading.

If you are an advance trader, copying other people’s signal or use your own EA Pepperstone is a broker you want to look into. According to our test it have one of the least ping time to the markets.

Super Low FEE

Pepperstone Razor account is also a good ECN account with one of the lowest fee on the market.


Live Chat Makes Everything easier when you bump into any problem with your Meta Trader or C Trader, they have pretty good responds time.

For Beginner Trader – Just use I Forex

You must be wondering, why would we ask you to try anything else when pepperstone already have everything we need.

As a fact this section is for the absolute beginner, you want to trade forex and you have no idea what’s going on and what you should do.

Here’s why beginner should go with Iforex first.

Dedicated account manager

Unlike anything I’ve seen so far on the market, I Forex have a dedicated account manager who will call you and make sure they explain everything you need to know about Forex, they’ll explain very simple things like “what eur/usd” means.

They’ll also give you tips on when to trade and how to trade on those situation. For example they’ll be on the call when you’re trading non-farm payroll. Or they’ll give you tips on how to trade crude oil every week Wednesday, these few points have help plenty of starter makes few hundreds every week.

In depth Forex Signals and Expert Analysis.

This comes in priceless, especially for those who just started out. To be able to have some insiders explain their findings and publish them in your dashboard for free is definitely beneficial to a beginner or even people who have been trading for a long time. Till today I still keep trading with them, it’s always good to have my account manager call me up so I can have a second opinion on my trading positions.


(Inside Analysis by I Forex Brokers pretty good and accurate.)


(Their comment of the currency.)

Our Verdict

If you think that this blog post is too straight forward and tell you what to do, that’s kinda our intention for the readers. When we started out we hope people would just point us to the right direction. Who needs to sign up with hundreds of brokers when you can just trade with a few. We don’t like to waste your time coming here looking for a broker and ended p with nothing.

We really hope our opinion helps in the long run, and if you decide to check out other brokers on the list be sure to check them out too, they’re all pretty good.

If you want to look at other broker here’s few key point we can give you.

Few Key Point to look for in a Forex Broker

Reliability of the FX Brokers

The financial market is huge and there’re some potential brokers out there who really wants you to deposit money with them and they don’t care about the rest, some moght even be a scam, you have to watch out for those. Remember just stick with a reputable on on the list above and you’ll be ok

Withdraw Money

After making 1000% ROI on your capital, you’ll be pretty happy. Bragging about it to you friends and family. Or maybe you’re not ┬áthe bragging type. But at least I am, some brokers transfer money through 3rd party agent and it could be a drag. The big brokers out there’ doesn’t do it as they have tier own infrastructure, but the small brokerage frim does it through payoneer, skrill, and getting aproval by both side could be a drag and sometimes they’re very reluctant to pay you the money that have happened to me.

Withdrawal Fee

It’s not like withdrawal through a 3rd party payment system is a bad thing, ok maybe it’s a bad thing because they want your money every transaction you take out from your account they’ll have 2% – $5. That’s a lot of money if you’re a beginner, and if you’re an advance trader, you know how much those return can potentially be in the long run. You just can have those company sucking you dry.

Trading Fee

If you’re an expert forex scalper you already know what I’m talking about but for most beginner who just started trading forex, the reason fx brokers what you to join them so badly it’s because every trade you make they make quest a decent about of money. There’re few brokers out there we’ve tried charged us around $1 for a very small lot size (trade opened)

The bad news is every brokers will charge you a certain amount of fee, look for a broker that are “ECN” is a great option, they charge least fee per trade.

Conclusion – Which Forex Broker would I choose Personally?

If you’re still wondering which broker to go with. But for me personally If I only have $200 to deposit and start trading and I can only choose 1 forex brokers I would choose pepperstone, I like their live chat system inside the dashboard. the fee is low as hell, and width drawing my money takes less than 24 hrs to be deposited in my bank.