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Hi My Name Is Jimmy Cheah, and I’ve been a Forex Broker for over 5 Years, and Forex trading have benefited me in so many ways especially financially. Although I didn’t really make much from Forex compare to other “hard-core traders” but Forex trading has enabled me to live a comfortable lifestyle.

However, I’m not a Forex Trading Guru and I didn’t package all my trading secrets to sell them to you. From time to time this I’m going to share what tools, tools and trading platform with you and that’s about it.

Background story Behind this Blog

Well, I have to say I’m not a tech guy nor I’m into blogging. but the reason I set up this blog is because of my friend and could say mentor, who advice me to do so.

Read the Full Story and How Forex Change my life literately (No Exageration intended ahaha) 

Reason this blog exist.

I would say say this blog exist because of Trading Enthusiast especially in Forex, the number one reason I set up this blog is to reach out to these people and help out newbie especially to find the right resource and avoid tones of scam out there.

I would use this as a platform to share a little bit of my expertise and also recommend some stuff that I personally use before.

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If you’re also a trader or want to reach out with me there’re many ways you can do it but I prefer using twitter.

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